Hyperpie System Console


Can’t afford or have the room for our Arcade Machines? Then this option is for you.

Re-live the good old glory days with our HyperPie Console System which is the brains in all of our arcade machines.

You’ll be gathering around with friends and family to experience the look, feel and nostalgic sounds you can only get with the real thing.

These HperPie Console Systems come complete with over 10,000 games ranging from cult classics to your high school favourites. Your classic games will look better than ever with dozens of video filters to accommodate any of 45 plus emulated systems.

Your System is enclosed in the ‘NesPi’ Raspberry Pi Case which has a ‘power’ and ‘reset’ button, as well as allowing all the other inputs available.

So… Here is what’s included in our HyoerPie Console System:

• Official Raspberry Pi 3
• Official Raspberry Pi Power Supply
• Official ‘Nespi’ Case
• 2 x High Quality Game Controllers
• 64GB Micro SD Card

• 64GB Mini USB Memory Stick
• HDMI Cable

Additional information

Button Colour

Red, Blue, Yellow, Green