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We will soon be providing Bartop Arcade machines to rent for your special occasion or event. Subscribe down below to be notified as soon as this service becomes available.

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Bartop Mini Arcades

Bartop Arcade Games Machines for sale with over 10,000 Roms for you to get stuck into. A true boys toy for any age which include: Custom artwork, LED buttons and LED multicoloured base.


HyperPie Console Systems

Our HyperPie Systems are configured retro arcade gaming consoles. These are virtualy the brains in our Arcade Cabinets. A true plug and play. experience awaits.


RetroPie Upgrades

We can upgrade your current Raspberry Pi if it's running Retropie's Emulationstation. Experience a whole new level of retro gaming that is pain free and simply beautiful.


Arcade Machine Rentals

Want to hire an Arcade Machine for your special event? We can customise the marquee with any message you want to display. An outstanding prop that people won't forget.